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Just uploaded a rework of New Dawn. Laid back relaxing down tempo track with ambient ocean and bird sounds. Sounds like you are on the edge of a tropical forest with the ocean near by. Hope you like it…




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I was thinking of changing the site name to as I am no longer in Hermosa so technically not an hermosaman 🙂 So maybe would be more appropriate…

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I was researching a bit more on the Hope line from Scotland and uncovered some interesting facts and circumstances surrounding the Hope Diamond and Henry Philip Hope who came into possession of the diamond in the 1800’s after it’s disappearance from King Louis the XVI during the French Revolution. There is a fascinating Smithsonian documentary, Mystery of the Hope Diamond which unravels the diamonds origins, travels and alleged curse…

Mystery of the Hope Diamond (Smithsonian Channel Documentary)

Hope Diamond


Related image

Henry Philip Hope (Hope Diamond) Smithsonian

Henry Philip Hope (1774-1839) brother of Thomas Hope, was a wealthy British banker with an affinity for fine art and precious gems. An 1839 catalogue of his gem collection mentions a large blue diamond weighing 45.5 carats. The diamond would take his name, becoming known as “Hope’s Diamond” or the “Hope Diamond.”

Mystery of the Hope Diamond (Smithsonian Channel Documentary)

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Check out more on the Hope’s Ancestry on the main page

“Yet my Hope is unbroken”



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We were down in San Jan Capistrano last weekend and I came across these water lilies in the Mission area. They were so colorful and reminded me of Monet’s famous water lily collection I had viewed earlier in the year whilst visiting the de Young in San Francisco, so I gave it a bit of a painterly feel. Hope you like it…


via San Juan Capistrano Water Lilies Photograph by Michael Hope

Mike Hope Photograph - San Juan Capistrano Water Lilies by Michael Hope

San Juan Capistrano Water Lilies is a photograph by Michael Hope which was uploaded on September 17th, 2017.

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Just updated the Hope’s page to include a link to Sir Thomas Hope’s Diary from 1633 to 1646. 

Just in case you’d like a little light reading?

Sir Thomas Hope Diary

Also, I am reading the Historic novel Hope Endures by Nigel Trantor which paints a pretty good picture of the life and times of Sir Thomas Hope and the historical figures around that time. I found it especially interesting reading about the Dutch East India Company connection and the various trading negotiations going on around that time.

Hope Endures

The enthralling story of Thomas Hope, who counseled three kings through a tumultuous time in Scottish history. The son of an Edinburgh merchant, Hope had a spectacular beginning to his career—at the age of seventeen, he traveled to France to triumph in his first court case and caught the attention of his young king, James VI. It was the beginning of a life at the heart o …more

I was messing around with some sounds and found an intro to an old Big Band recording I have, as well as a talking segment from legendary Xavier Cugat where he talks about the joy of bringing people together through music… I added it to the beat mix for this short segment. Hope you like it and I’m working on some extended versions with a Latin/Cuban flavor.


The picture was taken in the colorful town of La Boca, Buenos Ares, Argentina outside of a Tango Cafe

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Just added some cool new products on VIDA

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Remove the Wall – Charm Bracelet by Mike-Hope

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